Bruno Kautz
cell drive system technology and systematics. 933 followers Bruno Kautz: Hoffentlich sieht man 20 18 was von euch, und schön wäre ein bisschen mehr reale technische Daten Add a comment

Placidus Jaeger
Jaeger Member of the Education Committee of ICT, Switzerland Phil Janson IBM Academy of Technology, Switzerland Gilles Kahn

Christoph Brunner
activity around the use of IT technology for the power industry. Christoph Brunner as the CEO already has 15 years’ experience with IEC 61850 as the convenor

Francisco São
Dancing Samyang San Francisco São Paulo Sarcasm Sardinia Sardinien Satellite Industry Satellite Operator Satellite Technology Satire SCADA Scala Scam Scandinavia Tours Scenery Schilderdonnerstag

David Miscavige
planètes tourneront. » David Miscavige, président du conseil d’administration du Religious Technology

David Miscavige
Québec depuis 35 ans. David Miscavige, Président du conseil d’administration du Religious Technology Center et chef ecclésiastique de la religion de Scientologie

Thomas Maurer
About My Name is Thomas Maurer. Microsoft MVP. Work as a Solutions Architect and Technology Lead for itnet X, a consulting and engineering

Ulf Grawunder
Basel Institute for Immunology. In addition, Ulf Grawunder holds a Diploma in Technology Entrepreneurship from the Entrepreneur and Business School in St. Gallen, Switzerland

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