Barbara Lenzs
first "Fantastical Creatures" were created during Barbara Lenz’s studies. Since returning to her hometown in 2005 she has worked as a self-employed artist, focusing primarily on the creation

Thomas Reul
FIRST" Thomas Reul

Jacques Derrida
Berlin 1999, S. 15. 51) »The exhibition is grouped into three conceptual blocks. The first

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
first text portraits was created out of the text: Wikipedia „David Beckham“ and his portrait photo by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. Searching the World-Wide-Web for biographical informations, to evaluate

Thomas Meyer
sucessful. Thomas Meyer and Zsolt Terdik, from Michels International, came to our appartment the first day and packed everything. It was hard work for a small crew

Max Pippow
June 9th. I won the 28th Giro d Italia. June 10th. I published the first color photographs in the magazine L Illustration. June 11th

Jerry Beck
need this book." "[T]he ultimate first chapter in the story [of anime]". Jerry Beck, author of The Animated Movie Guide, at Cartoon Research "[...] for anyone interested in animation history

Henry Fothergill
while she traveled. In 1856, she first visited England. The critics received Robert s music coolly, those such as Henry Fothergill Chorley being particularly harsh in their disapproval. She returned

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