Claudio Meneghelli
Selected Luthier was Claudio Meneghelli from Switzerland. Claudio’s guitars have been so well received that eventually he was invited to be a ‘featured luthier’ for Classic Guitars International

Peter Gabriel Tournee
neuen Peter Gabriel-Tournee «New Blood» sagt alles: Orchestra No Guitars No Drums. Das neue ...

Joe Puma
full-band thing here w/Tiny Grimes, Joe Puma (both on guitars) J.C.Heard, Teo Macero or Oliver Jackson on drums; incl. the relaxed "rockin chair" written by Hoagy Carmichael;) The Three

Willie Williams
world", ..."when I laid down I was troubled"; w/Hubert Sumlin & Willie Williams on guitars...;) Message To The Young (Chess) M- / EX U.S. 1971 SOLD (early

Robin Batteau
full-band accompaniment feat. acoustic-guitars, bass, percussion, violin by Robin Batteau, Chuck Hancock adss some sax; w/lyrics-insert-sheet;) The Mirror Of My Madness (First American

Sam Bush
full-band accompaniment feat. Sam Bush on mandolin (w/slide on 1 track), violins, bass, guitars..; nice blend of genuine americana Country-Folk!) Dr.Schultz The Last Frontier Band (Frozenstif

Gordon Lightfoot
dobro, guitars and tasty voc-harmonies, good-timey relaxed vibes; cover of "saved" and "stealin ", Gordon Lightfoot s "go my way" and their GREAT orig. "Johnny Walker, George Dickel, Jack

Ashley Hutchings
Thompson, Dave Mattacks, John Kirkpatrick and Barry Dransfield... accordion, anglo-concertina, harmonium, fiddle, acoustic guitars, drums

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