Winfried Riedinger
Ustd., Böblingen vhs im Höfle EUR 28,- Cloud Computing Programme und Dokumente online nutzen Cloud

Florian Eckey
Software Engineer (m/ w) Mobile Computing, Software Engineer (m/ w) Mobile Computing Permanent [...] der regelmaessige fachliche Austausch unter den Kollegen weiter unterstuetzt. Florian Eckey Software

Placidus Jaeger
Computing and Information Science, Cornell University Placidus Jaeger Member of the Education Committee of ICT, Switzerland Phil Janson IBM Academy of Technology, Switzerland Gilles Kahn

Nick Sullivan
quantum cryptography and what it means to research security for the potential of quantum computing. Post-quantum cryptography is about developing algorithms that are resistant to quantum computers

Nathan Hubbard
bioethics and health policy (ETHZ), Dr. Costas Bekas, manager of the Foundations of Cognitive Computing group (IBM Research-Zurich), Nathan Hubbard, Director of Digital and PHC Partnering (Roche Partnering

Nice Computing
vorsätzliches oder grob fahrlässiges Verschulden vorliegt. Alle Angebote sind freibleibend und unverbindlich. Nice Computing AG behält sich ausdrücklich vor, Teile der Seiten oder das gesamte Angebot ohne gesonderte Ankündigung

Helmut Wanek
Disk Accesses in Vi PIOS, In Proc. of the 2nd International Conference on Parallel Computing Systems PCS 99, Ensenada, Mexico, August 1999. Thomas Fuerle, Erich Schikuta, Christoph Loeffelhardt, Kurt Stockinger

Edward Snowden
cloud computing’ in light of Snowden’s disclosures. The vast scale of online surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden is changing how businesses store commercially sensitive data, with potentially dramatic consequences

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