Michael Scharf
Network Science for Communication Networks (Net Sci Com) in conjunction with IEEE Infocom, Turin, Italy, April 2013 Monitoring and Abstraction for Networked Clouds Michael Scharf, Thomas Voith, Bill Roome

Hans Werner
love on Earth; for music is a means of communication and under-standing, a means of reconciliation. Hans Werner Henze (1926 - 2012; German composer

Markus Rhein
Vors.), Henning Abmeyer Aufsichtsrat: Claus Schünemann (Vors.) Herausgeber: Innovative Banking Solutions AG, Bereich Marketing & Communication. Fragen und Anregungen zu Inhalt

Virginia Marketing
weighs 7 kilos, she went for the t-shirt instead. Irene Communication & Marketing Director She’s so proud of her origins that she wanted to pose with a glass

Thomas Cook
Holding, Basic Communication, Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits et du Tourisme, Health City, Thomas Cook Nederland, AC Restaurants & Hotels, Touristshop Aalsmeer, Albatros Hoteldiensten, Hotel

Scott Bowman
Wonderful CSR skills. great reflection on Siteground. Knowledgeable and great communication skills. Kaloyan

Olivier Andrieu
Decoux : Coordinatrice du département Joomla Marketing & Communication, Olivier Andrieu : célèbre auteur et consultant SEO, Marco Dings : de l’équipe de développement Joomla!, Et bien d autres. Vous croiserez également

Claudia Bucher
various internationally active companies Claudia Bucher Marketing Manager Over 8 years experience in Marketing Communication and Project Management

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